Bell Boating

Bell Boating is a popular activity for Primary Schools at the Phoenix Outdoor Centre – a stable craft that can take up to 10 adults or 12 children plus helmsman. We have a fleet of 3 bell boats which allows us to take a school class on the water together.  You can use the Bell Boat sessions for racing, team building, nature studies or just a fun session on the water.

Our Bell Boat sessions are in up to 2 hour slots and can be tailored to suit your schools or groups requirements and can include activities linked to the Key Stages curriculum. On the first session, we start with a thorough safety briefing and get everyone into teams, kitted out with buoyancy aids, Bell Boats and paddles. We cover how to use paddles, capsize drill (pretty unlikely, but man overboard is a possibility) and parameters of the session before we get on the water. On the water, the first session normally covers forward and backward paddling, emergency stops and turning using opposite strokes each side, followed by a few challenges and some team games such as racing, bobbing and trust games.

Sessions can be a “one-off” taster, such as above, or a series of sessions.


We are running our seventh annual Bell Boat Regatta on Friday 8th June 2018 on the Welsh Harp Reservoir which is open to teams of 10 students plus two teachers from Year 5 or 6 students from North London area Primary Schools. Download the advert HERE and contact us for a booking form, parent permission forms and risk assessment.

Check out our Phoenix Outdoor Centre – Schools & Groups Prices – 2018 or for more details and bookings contact:

Centre Activities Manager – Mark Underwood – 07854 655 968 /

Centre Organiser – Phil Atkinson – 07837 585 798 /


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