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Raft building is a great fun, team building activity for all ages and can suit small groups making one raft or a class making 5 rafts. The activity includes designing the raft, building it using rope lashings to hold the spars and barrels together and then getting the team to work together to paddle against the other teams or set a new fast time around the course.

Our rafting sessions are in up to 2 hour slots and can be tailored to suit your schools or groups requirements. At the beginning of the session, we start with a thorough safety briefing and get everyone into teams, kitted out with buoyancy aids, wetsuits, helmets, rafting components and paddles. We cover how to use the paddles, capsize drill and parameters of the session before starting to make the rafts and get on the water. On the water, the rafters are given some time to sort out their paddling and will then be set a course to race over. The design and construction of the raft will determine who makes the finish line! This activity could involve “water contact” and all participants should be able to swim 10m with a buoyancy aid or be water confident. During the session, we will have a safety boat on the water to provide rescue cover.

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