The Coaches at Phoenix Canoe Club

The Phoenix Canoe Club only use British Canoeing qualified and registered coaches for instructing and leading canoeing activities. All coaches undertake a comprehensive training and assessment course for each level of competence and maintain a current first aid qualification. They are full members of the Club in their own right and give their time freely to teach kayak and canoeing skills.

BC Level 3 Kayak Coaches
Level 3 coach is the correct grade for a person to be in charge of kayaking activities for a club or school, which includes expeditioning and/or white water Grade II/III.

  • Phil Atkinson + FSRT Provider
  • Mark Underwood + 5* River Leader
  • Rene Lee (UKCC Level 2) + 4* River leader with Moderate Water Endorsement

BC & UKCC Level 2 Kayak Coaches
Level 2 coach is the correct grade for a person to be in charge of introducing groups to canoeing, teaching and assessing BCU 1 star and 2 star, on simple waters in general purpose kayaks designed for use on white water, or in open cockpit canoes or kayaks.

  • Tim Rice + 4* River leader
  • Jack Day + 4* River Leader
  • Fred Varley
  • Mandy Gordon

UKCC Level 1 Kayak Coaches
Level 1 coach is the correct grade for a person to assist other coaches and provide taster sessions

  • Kevin Wells
  • Sam Rice
  • Jack de Naeyer
  • Charlie Pearce + 4* River Leader
  • Andrew Theobald
  • Joseph Willoughby
  • Barry Varley
  • George Woodman
  • Oli Woodman
  • Ben Bak Olesen + 4* River Leader
  • Jeremy Atkinson
  • Trish Davey
  • Sarah Lane
  • Jon Davies
  • Tushar Patel
  • Felix Wilson
  • Gautum Dahale
  • Brad Nortcliffe


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