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New members need not go to any great expense to start kayaking. In the summer months, most people are comfortable wearing shorts or tracksuit trousers and T-shirt or sweat shirt and a pair of old trainers or surf shoes. No need for designer gear – it is going to get wet and muddy. Avoid wearing denim, cotton or wool clothing, wellie boots, Crocs and slide on shoes.

We will supply you with a buoyancy aid which must be worn on or near the water at all times.

Be prepared for different weather conditions. If it is sunny, ensure you have a hat and sun tan lotion. If it is cold, windy or raining we can provide cagoules and it may be advisable to wear a sweatshirt, tracksuit trousers and a warm hat.

In the winter months, we can provide wetsuits. Remember to bring a towel to dry off after canoeing.


We have a large range of kayaks and canoes to suit all abilities from absolute beginner to advanced canoeists. There are also paddles, buoyancy aids, spray decks, wet suits and helmets.

All equipment is free to use and all water users will be required to wear a suitable buoyancy aid. Please look after all the equipment and return it to the correct racks after use.

Selection of kayaks


As you progress, it is suggested that you buy your own equipment. Start off with clothing that protects you from the weather such as cagoules or spray decks, and then move onto gear that will assist your safety such as buoyancy aids, helmet and wetsuits.

Canoe for at least a few months before you consider purchasing a kayak – wait until your skills are at least at Intermediate Level 2 Kayak or Canoe / Paddle Explore Award or 2 Star level. Before you buy any equipment, discuss your proposed purchases with one of the coaches as they can advise you on good makes, types and shops. Never purchase items by mail order that need to be fitted. Make sure you budget to buy the best equipment – cheap gear is usually a poor investment that will need replacing sooner rather than later.

On some white water trips we insist that you provide your own helmet, buoyancy aid and cag, meeting the level of protection for the whitewater you may encounter. Our club gear is great for beginners on low level whitewater, but generally not suitable for grade 3 and above.


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